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FAQin hell

What is Actually?
Friends, zines, art, spiritual guidance, bodge, London, etc

Where is my item?!?!?!
If your stuff hasn't turned up in a fortnight then please email us

How do I authenticate work?
Actually authenticates work by 10foot and Tox

Artworks that have been sold commercially are eligible, bits caesareaned from the big-wide-world aren't as they weren't born to be bidded on

To start this process please email all info (artist, title, dimensions, brief description of the work, where/when you bought it, edition number if applicable, your name and postal address, decent pictures including signature/edition number/embossings, and any other information you think may assist) and eventually you will receive a very lovely Certificate Of Authentifornication

Do you have a ‘digital policy’?
Of course we do, of course we do, of course we fucking do.